Once Google Voice is configured on the OBi (web access from browser required for initial set-up), you can start calling from your regular ‘house’ phone. Free Calling Free Calls to US and Canada – Calling the U.S. is free from the U.S. & Canada and 1¢ per minute from everywhere else.

Google Voice - Free Calling - GV - Google Docs From the very beginning, Google Voice users with Gizmo5 accounts have been able to make calls of unlimited length over SIP merely by initiating the calls at the Google Voice website. Since SIP is a computer-to-computer communication system, this means that users with devices capable of SIP communication can now enjoy free unlimited calling by Bill Simon’s Free SIP-to-XMPP Gateway Easily Puts Google May 04, 2012 Solved: SPA112 and SPA122 w/ google voice - Cisco Community Google voice is not a VOIP service. Google Voice offers a consolidated service that ties in all of your existing lines to a Google Voice number then forwards the inbound calls to all numbers registered to the Google Voice Service. The SPA would still require a number to tie in to the Google services. If Google Voice offers a SIP registration Google Voice to be rolled out with VoIP | VoIP Review

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Dec 28, 2013 Polycom 2200-49522-001 2-Port VoIP Telephone Adapter with

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Mar 28, 2014 How to setup a SIP account on Google Voice - Quora What would you think about having a VoIP phone that can make calls without needing an active cellular provider? Thanks to Google Voice, this is now a reality. Google Voice has been around for a long time. But up until now, you could only receive i Using Google Voice as a FREE VoIP Solution May 12, 2012