Using Two-Way SSL Authentication. When using certificate authentication, WebLogic Server sends a digital certificate to the requesting client. The client examines the digital certificate to ensure that it is authentic, has not expired, and matches the WebLogic Server instance that presented it.

Client certificates are not typically issued by a third-party certification authority. Instead, the Personal store of the current user location typically contains certificates placed there by a root authority, with an intended purpose of "Client Authentication". The client can use such a certificate when mutual authentication is required. ssl - Simulate Client Certificate based authentication In server side i look for ssl_client_cert header name to check if it is a certificate based authentication (as i have other modes of authentication too). But it seems the header is not being sent by postman. Is there anything else i need to activate in postman. What is hitting me is that i have kept the authorization mode in postman as no auth. Authentication using HTTPS client certificates | by Andras

Certificate Authentication in ASP.NET Core 3.1 | Software

Certificate authentication is a stateful scenario primarily used where a proxy or load balancer doesn't handle traffic between clients and servers. If a proxy or load balancer is used, certificate authentication only works if the proxy or load balancer: Using Device Certificates for Authentication

Certificate-Based Authentication?

Mar 30, 2016