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2017-2-28 Destroy your Desktop! Free Game Download! - Citynet … ilyas11, I have it, but deleted it. On accident… I was a little kid and messing around with the computer. Then I finally remembered the name. No it does NOT destroy your computer for real. Everything will freeze, use things, wash it, or just right click then press Esc. It will go back to normal. If you dont wash it and exit, it will go away auto. how to destroy your computer? | Yahoo Answers

Destroying these will destroy your data or if you want to get creative make something out of them as I have seen people do. Industrial shredder Very few of us have one but if you know someone with one then this would do the job nicely.

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very dangerous batch, will destroy your computer!!!! 04-07-2011, 06:51 AM #1 what this will do, if you leave it on long enough, is it will store itself in ALOT of your hard drive space, making it almost ZERO, then also use up all your ram as your computer goes through all the files, and crash your pc. this virus WILL REQUIRE YOU TO REINSTALL