However, software that does anything that it didn't tell you it was going to do could be considered malware. Carol & Mike Werner / Science Photo Library / Getty Images Common Types of Malware . Though some of these terms can be used to describe software with a legitimate, non-malicious intent, malware is generally understood to exist in one or

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Anti-virus software (sometimes more broadly referred to as anti-malware software) looks for patterns based on the signatures or definitions of known malware. Anti-virus vendors find new and updated malware daily, so it is important that you have the latest updates installed on your computer. About Segurazo PUP. Segurazo PUP refers to a questionable anti-virus program that is classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) by many legitimate anti-virus programs.According to user reports, the program installs without explicit permission from users, and is difficult to remove.Like most PUPs, it uses software bundling to install, which basically is adding extra items (usually

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