Same issue for me 😞 Except my VPN is Checkpoint and I have BT Business Hub 5 which I assume is pretty much the same as the Home Hub. First day on Infinity today - its not going very well. Port clamping option makes no difference. As for the firewall settings - Not sure what to change there so not eager to try. woe is me!

BT Add-on disc for Whole Home Wi-Fi (091073) at great prices. Full product description, technical specifications and customer reviews from BT Shop May 13, 2020 · 5. Ethernet Required. Some smart hubs have to connect directly to your cable modem or router via Ethernet cable in order to work. Others simply need a WiFi connection. In cases where the hub has to be connected directly to the modem, be sure it’s placed in a convenient room of your house. The Best Smart Home Hub for 2020 Jan 10, 2008 · The exploit has been tested on BT Home Hub - Firmware version 6.2.6.B. Just to make things clear, UPnP is enabled by default on the BT Home Hub, just like most IGDs. If your Internet gateway is a BT Home Hub, clicking on the following link should add a new forward rule called EVILFORWARDRULE: ATTACK. The top one is for the V1 hub and one below that is for the smaller V1.5 hub, and finally below that the new V2 hub's screen. On V1 and V1.5 hubs, you have to enter the hub's serial number (first 11 characters only!) in the first box, then put in a new password of your choice in the second box (e.g. fredblog99), and again in the third box. Version 2.0 of the Hub is a solid offering from BT, isn't going to look out of place in stylish homes, and with the increasing range of services offered via the Hub, such as BT ToGo, BT Vision, BT Fon and Broadband Talk, version 2.0 of BT's Hub is a very capable Broadband device. BT Home Hub 5 Type A routers are generally well supported by OpenWrt. Unfortunately there is no hardware offload support in OpenWrt and throughput is a bit limited. Stock firmware has great Wi-Fi <-> LAN throughput (~450Mbps) but its admin ui is restricted. Customers signing up to BT’s Full Fibre broadband service will receive a BT Smart Hub 2 router. This works in conjunction with an Openreach modem (ONT) as described on BT’s website . This second generation BT Smart Hub 2 router supports Wi-Fi 5 technology (802.11ac) and uses 7 wi-fi antenna to optimise the performance and speed of your network.

The main reason for unlocking the BT Home Hub is to allow you to use it on any ISP. BT's firmware only allows you to enter a username ending with which makes it impossible to use with any other ISP. Also, the BT firmware strips down a lot of the features found in the native firmware (Thomson SpeedTouch).

I have now been using Bt for the last 2 years, and presently have a smart hub, I can say that from the initial setup which was their home hub 5 I started getting a strong signal on all 3 floors. My daughter in the attic can play games on her play station and stream content to both her smart tv and laptop. For use with the Home Hub 5 Type A. Works with ADSL lines. Works with Fibre lines from router software version onwards. Will also work with the Plusnet Hub One. Thanks to 'Adam' for the configuration information. (10/09/2017) BT have recently updated the firmware version to How to Unlock BT / EE Smart Hub for use with any ISP Hi, I found a way to unlock an EE smart hub for any ISP, so I thought I would give it a go with a BT smart hub and it works with a BT Smart Hub, however, it is much harder to implement. I am working on a way to make it easier. Below is a video o

Find help for all the recent models of the BT Hub - including the BT Smart Hub, 4G Mini Hub and the BT Home Hub 5, Hub 4 and Hub 3. Click on the title and picture of your Hub to see links to all our help.

I will be eternally grateful to whoever can assist me in getting my Plex to work outside of my local network. On my Plex server settings it says that my server is only available on my local network and not outside my local network, I tried resetting the server and screwing about with the settings but if I'm honest the port forwarding settings within my BT Home Hub 5 were a bit confusing.