Rinne and Weber Test. Interpretation of Rinne and Weber test is the hearing disability of a person. They help in determining the type of unilateral hearing loss such as sensorineural or conductive hearing loss. By determining the type of hearing loss, it helps the doctor to start a treatment plan related to the hearing impairment.These tests require a full examination of the cranial nerves or

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Aug 01, 2006

Pure tone audiometry or pure-tone audiometry is the main hearing test used to identify hearing threshold levels of an individual, enabling determination of the degree, type and configuration of a hearing loss and thus providing a basis for diagnosis and management. Pure-tone audiometry is a subjective, behavioural measurement of a hearing threshold, as it relies on patient responses to pure Weber test - Wikipedia The Weber test is a screening test for hearing performed with a tuning fork. It can detect unilateral (one-sided) conductive hearing loss (middle ear hearing loss) and unilateral sensorineural hearing loss (inner ear hearing loss). The test is named after Ernst Heinrich Weber (1795–1878). Conductive hearing ability is mediated by the middle ear composed of the ossicles: the malleus, the

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